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To make or have your relationship last long is not rocket science. You don’t need to be perfect either. The fact is, relationships are quite hard to maintain for most of us. Some try to but fail at the beginning, others midways, and some after years of being together and having a family. Sometimes, failure is never because we are not doing enough, but because that which we are doing is never correct and healthy for our relationships.

So, what are these mistakes we need to avoid? From my in-depth research, I found many but decided to go with these top 5 ones.

Not opening-up

Communication is indispensable for the success of any relationship. You might have probably witnessed or experienced this – typical with ladies. When they are sad, they express it in silence. When asked what’s wrong, their obvious answer is usually nothing. It is never right to do so.

Keeping too much within yourself may sometime later result in a more ugly discussion between the two of you. Better you talk matters over when they come and move on. Remember, your partner is not like a sex doll who lacks emotions and feelings.

Comparing your partner

If you keep telling your partner how your Ex or any other person you are or were close to is better than them, that would be unfair, and it naturally it hurts. As a partner, you would feel less appreciated. Sometimes if it’s about the Ex-lover, you would surely feel confident that your partner still has feelings for them.

For those who always feel unsatisfied with everybody, still, you can go for a love doll. Look for a black love doll or teenage love doll if that is what perfect for you and live your life and forget about humans.

Walking away

I got this from my grandpa. He could stop giving me advises when my wife and I got married. He said arguments and disagreements are part of life and marriage, as well. Walking away from the middle of your conversation and banging the door behind you clearly shows what kind of a person you are. He insisted maturity in handling disagreements is vital. It is wise to hear each other out and reach contentment over a disturbing matter. That way, peace prevails among you.

Threatening to abandon the relationship

If you think threatening to break up makes you a winner, you are wrong. It only gives your love a different definition. Instead of love forever, it becomes conditional. In any mature relationship, all parties must learn how to control what they say when angry.
Fast reaction

In most cases, what people do, they do it for a reason. Do not make quick conclusions out of no issues and begin a fight with your partner. Give them a room to explain themselves before reacting quick and unnecessarily.


Some mistakes are avoidable, and if that is what it takes to grow your relationship, then you should not take chances. Finding someone you can love genuinely to most people has not been a walk in the park. Some have resorted to love dolls for not succeeding in human love life. Keep the focus on the above points and ensure your relationship thrives.

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