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First of all, let’s imagine a scenario.

When you intend to get a life size TPE sex doll, so you open the shopping site, looking at the details of the sex love doll interface with great anticipation, thinking, quite beautiful, ah, also not expensive, two or three hundred dollars only, after placing an order waiting with great anticipation to receive the goods, the results after get is, oh my God, what the hell is this?

As the picture

The actual doll is solid, so there will be a certain weight, shipping costs 200 ~ 500USD, so a few hundred dollars is not possible to the sex TPE doll.

This scenario is not to express that do not buy online, but we need to have some understanding of the realistic sex TPE doll before buying it.

So by what way is the most reliable way to buy TPE dolls?

First of all, buying directly from sex doll manufacturers is the most reliable, like dolls with low price point, quality assurance, can be video or picture confirmation after produced and before delivery, with full after-sales service.

Things to do before buying a best deals TPE doll

One, whether you can video confirmation before shipping out.
Second, whether it has a complete after-sales service to protect the service.

Another thing is to understand the latest market price of premium TPE sex dolls, 140cm to 170cm dolls, more different body types, appearance, such as chubby fat wide butt sex doll, brown skin TPE doll, huge boobs TPE doll price in 800USD to 3000USD. Silicone head (wear wig) plus TPE. The price of the body in 1500USD to 3500USD, silicone head hair implants need to add about 200USD. Full silicone sex doll usually need more than 5000USD.

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