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When you think of the word voluptuous you think of girls with large parts in the right dimensions. Sweet Yurizan embodies all of that and more!

One “part” of the Sweet Yurizan equation is her thick booty. Her ass is big, but it fits her body well. Why? Because of the second parts of the equation – her big juggs!

The final part off Yurizan’s voluptuousness isn’t a part of her body… It is that she is part of a large network of web sites featuring nothing but voluptuous girls!

Take the tour and get your fill of big juggs!

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Let me introduce my fiance Layla who bares her big juggs for Young Busty.  We are getting married late November, only she doesn’t know it yet.

We are getting married on my birthday whether or not she wants to, even if I have to take such extreme measures  as Borat.  Get in the marriage sack, Young Busty Layla I like.  Soo Much.

So maybe Layla doesn’t make you act like a retard, but I can guarantee there will be a girl on Young Busty that does.   So go to the site find your one and get the marriage sack ready.

Disclaimer:  For the real fucking retards out there, I am not going to kidnap Layla and it would in fact be frowned upon if you tried to capture any of the young women on the Young Busty website, this was just a poor attempt at humor.  So don’t be a retard.

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There are many different ways to refer to a woman’s big tits. Here at House of Juggs we obviously prefer the word juggs. As in big milk jugs. However, we have been known to adopt, for a day or two, the favorite terms others come up with and today’s term is Heavy Handfuls.

Created by the same guy that brought you Mr Biggz, Fresh Out of High School and Ashlynn Brooke, at Heavy Handfuls they take porn seriously. After all, it is a billion dollar business!

Don’t worry about the big numbers though… Because you won’t be paying them. Having so many sites under one umbrella means they can charge less than their competition and deliver hundreds of times more porn! updates weekly, but the network updates on a daily basis. It includes dozens of multi-model sites all dealing with your favorite hardcore niches and several solo model sites too!

So if you are looking to add more big juggs to your porn diet, grab a pass to Heavy Handfuls!

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