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Can you say nummy-nummy?

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OK, let;s all become boob inspectors.  Without a doubt Ana Nikova has some Massive Big Tits, but are they real or fake?  They have that curve that would suggest that they are fake, but when you see her get her big tits fucked they completely engulf the cock unlike those tits that have implants where it looks like the guy is fucking to skin colored basketballs.

My first instinct was that Ana Nikova’s Massive Big Tits are real, and according to her biography that is correct.  How did you do?  I think another thing that made me think they are real is her age, her big tits still have some buoyancy.  Honestly though, comes down to the age old question; real of fake and do you really give a fuck?  Well, I kind of do.  So, if the chick is under 30 and has not had a ton of kids I prefer natural tits.  It’s when they pass 30 and there is slippage in the position that their tits sit on their chest, then fake.  That is just me though, Thank you cum again.


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