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Now, pay attention to what I just said. I said “real sex.” Fake sex is all about just pleasuring yourself. You might as well be alone and jerking off because that’s the kind of sex you’re having with a woman. She’s just a bystander to your pleasure. She’s just a prop. Most guys have sex this way because they seek out chicks not because they care about other people. It’s not because they want to transcend themselves. It’s because they just want a tight hole to cum in. Do you see where I’m coming from?

It’s really important to have real sex. Meaning, you have sex not for your own pleasure but to give her pleasure and to take this dialog of your bodies and emotional signals, as well as your emotional connection to a much higher level of intellectual and spiritual compatibility. There are all sorts of philosophical literature written about orgasms and you might want to pay attention to them. You might want to read between the lines.

It’s not about physical excitement. While that may be a big factor, there is something greater happening here– something more profound. It’s all about achieving a melding of the souls that transcend selfish notions of personhood. If you have real sex, that’s the kind of experience you achieve and guess what? It opens a gateway to higher levels of consciousness. You will be able to truly be a sharing, caring, and compassionate person. The end project of life, ironically, is to be selfless. Now go and get laid on , you deserver it.

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If you haven’t had the start to the weekend that you’d been hoping for, don’t give up just yet. Take this on the downslide but we’ve got action that you can take a look at and get in on it right away. This girls are always up for a little sexy fun, you don’t even need to convince them to go all out. Just kick back, let them show you their smooth and sexy bodies and see what happens next.

After you’ve had your fill you might want to take another look at these busty porn star pictures and the babes that are waiting for you inside. Weekends should be spent having as much fun as possible, we all know that those who play are usually the ones that are most happy. Make your mark on these cheeky top heavy babes, show them what a real man you are!

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