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How many times have you guys been enjoying some big juicy juggs, when all of a sudden the camera changes shots and they show the dudes harry ass or ball sack? That shit just ruins a good Big Tity Porn for me.

That’s is why I cant get enough of Big Boobs POV. If you don’t know what POV means, let me fill you in. Pov is when you get to watch the porn from the dudes Point Of View. So you don’t get to see his sack or ass because he cant see that shit while he fucking some big breast, so why should you.

At you only get scenes like the one above. Big Boobs Pov is brought to you by one of the largest big boob affiliate programs on the net, Score Cash. If you have never heard of them they have brought you sites like ScoreLand, Young Big Tits and one of the hottest big tit model Busty Ines Cudna.

With that much experience in porn, they know what they are doing so you are going to get the highest quality porn you have ever had. They are great about updating Big Boobs POV once a week, so you will always have a new busty babe every week.

So if you want to see what it would be like to be the lucky fucker handling those two busty blondes in the picture, get a membership to today.

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Welcome to Chloe’s World…. The place where all of your big boob fantasy comes true.

Chloe Vevrier is another model from ScoreLand that was so popular they felt the need to start her own site and they appropriately named it

On her site Chloe gives you access to tons of videos and photos of her in different scenes with friends or fucking some random guy. Once you become a member of Chloes World you have an option if whether you want to down load wallpapers or screen savers of Chloe Vevrier for you computer.

So become a member and see why Chloe was so popular at Score Land.

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Most people would take one look at Kerry Marie and say she is fat. They must be blind because to me Kerry is just Voluptuous.

I mean sure she has a little meat on her bones but that is okay because she has 34JJ size tits and a thick round ass to balance it all out. That is why you can find her on showing you all of her thickness.

If you like your girls that look like Kerry Marie then you will love Voluptuous. They have the best looking, big chested beauties on the web in original photos and videos. is more then just a big boob site it is the On-line versions of the best selling news stand magazine Voluptuous.

Instead of getting a 60 pages of the bustiest girls you get thousands of downloadable and streaming movie clips. You also get access to hundreds of live big tity video streams and live model interviews. Another advantage of have a membership to Voluptuous is the that they have daily updates, not weekly ones like all the other sites on-line.

So get your membership to today and enjoy the newest discoveries and the bustiest girls from around the world, captured and brought to your home.

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The busty brunette that is about to take a load on her huge chest is Linsey Dawn McKensie and her site is called

Linseys World was made for all of you Big Boob Fanatics. Her members get exclusive photo shoots of Linsey and her mega-boobs. The picture section contains 115 photo sets consisting of over 100 pictures in each set. Most of the pics on Linseys World are of Linsey getting naked and playing with her big juggs.

There are some pics, that involve Linsey and her very hot friends. These pics don’t tend to be very hardcore, but rather focus on the tits and the nudity. There are a couple of pics that are a little more hardcore, like the picture above.

The video section on Linseys World is not to shabby either. It contains 58 videos for your viewing pleasure. Most of the videos are of Linsey by herself, in different scenarios. However, one of the videos involves Linsey and some guy and in the video she blows him, rides him, and then takes his hard dick doggy style as her big tits bounce around.

Your membership to Linseys World gives you access to much more then just photos and videos. You can also download a calendar, screen savers and wallpaper featuring Linsey and her two giant friends.

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Just wanted to give you guys a quick shot of what goes on in the office of House Of Juggs. The busty brunette on my desk is Nicole Peters and she stopped by to show us her new site

Nicole is no newbie to the adult industry she has been doing porn since April ’03 but only working with the Score Land. Nicole’s big break was when she appeared on the cover of Voluptuous Magazine.

Let me be the first to tell you that did not disappoint us.  It is full of every movie or photo that Nicole Peters has ever been a part of. That means that your membership to her site will give you access to 1,000’s of photos and videos of her and her friend having naughty fun in all different places.

So get your membership to Nicole Peters today and she will even through in the video of her in our office.

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Big Soapy Tits are always a great thing. Now rap them around your cock and fuck them and you have

The giant juggs on Tits And Tugs will give you the ultimate rub down on your cock. Some girls make you chase them around, spending money,  taking them on dates, buying them gifts and then just when you think you are going to get some, they shaft you and won’t put out. Those are the kind of bitches who will get your cock hard and then tell you they’ve had a great night and that’s that.

So don’t waste your time and money on those sluts. Get a membership to Tits And Tugs for just 20 dollars. At least with the girls from Tits And Tugs you now your going to bust a nut.

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Well if I had a choice on how I want to go out, it has to be with a XL Girl with a huge set of tits suffocating me like the guy in the picture above.

What do you expect when you have an XL Girl riding your cock and smothering your face with her big natural breast. Its the XL Girls that get my juices really flowing. First off they are always ready and willing to give you a fucking of a life time. I have yet to come across a chubby babe that didn’t want some cock. Second and best of all is that Extra Large Girls are very Voluptuous.

If you have never been with a Plumper before you are missing out but don’t take my word for it check out and grab a handful of the XL Titties they have. All the XL Girls are chosen for their love of the cock and are put in sharp, brightly-lit videos. Directed by boob-men for boob-men.

So take a tour of and enjoy all the Extra Large Action today.

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Well boys I just found what I am going to be doing this weekend. I am going to get myself a Big Tit Hooker, like the slut in the picture.

For all of you guys out there that are a little light in the wallet this weekend because of the mortgage, I have something just as fun for you. It is called and it is full of Stacked Street-Walking Sluts that will drain your nuts and not your wallet.

You don’t have to worry about getting busted for picking up a prostitute at Big Tit Hooker. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure you don’t miss the new weekly update with Hottest big-boobed girls that they give you. If you currently have a significant other, chances are that the sex is not as raunchy and nasty and all-around fucktastic as you wish it was, that is where Big Tit Hookers comes in.

All you need is a membership and you will have all the nasty sexy you can handle. also has something other sites don’t and that is that you can gain access to all of their videos on any Smart Phone, Pocket PC or PDA.

So why not invest the 20 dollars it cost to get a membership to Big Tit Hooker and start you weekend off right.

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The picture above is just another day at the office at Score Land. Every site on line that has to do with big juggs has a scene with cum covered knockers but Score Land takes it to another level.

They got busty hotties Tera Cox and April McKenzie to do a hot threesome that ends with their huge racks covered in thick man juice. Score Land has the biggest archive of full length big boobed movies and photos on the net. That means no matter what kind of busty bitch you want they have her.

If you want an all American girl like Tera Cox they have her for you. If you want a international busty babe from Poland they have Christy Marks. Think of as a Big Breast Buffet, they have the biggest variety of busty babes.

So take a tour of Score Land and check out one of the 7,000 photos or 4,000 hours of quality videos they have for their members.

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I have to agree with the guys at and say that Hanna Hilton is one sexy bitch. I put Hanna to the House of Juggs test and she clearly passed. If you have no idea what that is let me fill you in.

When a girl lifts her arms up, if you can still see some big juggs then she is busty enough to be on House of Juggs. Most girls boobs tend to magically disappear when they do it. Any way back to busty Hanna Hilton and the site I found her on.

If you enjoy looking at beautiful busty babes, you will enjoy Stunners. They are full of the worlds hottest babes. Whether you want a busty blonde like Hanna Hilton or a brunette with big boobs they have it all.

Besides also having a huge archive of photos and videos they give you 7 updates a week. That is unheard of in the adult industry, most sites can barely give you one update a week, let alone one a day. Stunners also has the absolute highest quality content any where, their HD videos are so crisp and clear that you will think you were sucking on Hanna’s big soft tits.

So take a quick tour of Stunners and check out their Hi-Def Samples and Hardcore Samples. Then get your membership and start downloading all their beautiful busty babes.

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Still can’t get your fixen of Big Boobs? Well I just checked out a site for the first time called They guarantee you access to Endless Amounts of Big Boobs.

It doesn’t get any better then a guarantee like that. They have the hottest babes with the biggest tits on the net. At Busty Cafe you can find 1,000’s  of big boob models in photos and videos.

Whether you want to watch a hardcore busty video or your in the mood for a sensual busty photo shoot. Busty Cafe gives you an array of girls, from experienced pornstars to exclusive amateurs.

Get your membership to and start downloading Busty Photos and Movies today.

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Any one up for some Chocolate Milk Juggs with frosting on top?

Well Queen is. She enjoys having that thick gooy cum all over her big soft tits. Better on her Chocolate Milk Juggs then on that sweet looking face.

If you are tired of blondes with fake tits and want to see what an all natural women looks like, just check out It is home of the biggest, roundest, fattest black tits on the net.

So take the tour of Chocolate Milk Juggs and enjoy the trailers full of Humongous black tits.

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The slut in the picture is Bailey and you can find her and her big soft tits at Big Tit Patrol.

For all of you that have never heard of you are missing out on one of the best big boob site on the net. The thing that I like about Big Tit Patrol is you will never find any fake tits on the site.

These guys comb the streets, colleges and malls in search of girls with absolute biggest natural tits and put it all on video for you to enjoy. So if you are tired of all those sites that give you nothing but the worst looking fake tits. You know the kind that have such a huge gap in-between their tits that it looks like you can park a VW in between them. Get a membership to

They also have original content, all exclusive videos and best of all they have all natural tits. So take a tour and enjoy their sample episodes.

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