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Francine Dee
Francine Dee

Francine Dee proves once and for all that Catholic schools are good for one thing and one thing only… and that thing is creating some of the hottest Asian divas in the world!

Sure her tits are straight out of some mad scientists experiment but would I kick her out of bed? Hell no! Not with those nipples reminding me that there is, "Danger, Will Robinson." For those of you that are out of the loop, adventure’s my bread, excitement’s my butter, and danger… why to me that’s like strawberry jam to top it off!

I have to ask, whom among us would not partake in making an Asian sandwich out of this Asian goddess? OK… Well… Glen, you are gay, the rest of us would go double anal with this bitch in a heart beat.

Francine is three-quarters Filipina and a quarter Chinese. Hell if it doesn’t make for one hell of an exotic mix! She got her start doing calendars for car show enthusiasts and now she is breaking the hearts of both big tits lovers and Asian lovers all over the world. Thank God for the Internet! updates two times a week with some pretty candid photos. Some of the shots are from car shows and I have to wonder, do they allow kids into these things? This Asian babe gets pretty naked and oily in these things!

The bottom line: If you like Asians with big tits this website is right up your alley. Besides, how often do you get to masturbate to an Asian babe that has a tattoo for pussy hair?

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