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My friends will all tell you that I am one of the most shy people they have ever known. That is why it is so odd that I run a network of porn based blogs. Every time we go to a bar and hangout they all wonder how on Earth I come up with the fanciful shit I spout forth here. To me it isn’t some great mystery at all. I read more than they do. I have spent much more time using my imagination than they have. So it should come as no surprise that I would have blogs where I can help those like myself find ways to also use their imagination.

While using ones imagination is all good and well, it does lack a certain personal touch that companionship can provide. Again, even in social situations I am much better behind a keyboard than I am actually in front of a woman. So even here I am excelling where my more experienced brethren are not.

I have found that real girls with big juggs in the real world are way to overwhelming for me. Online, however, I am a master of disaster. Girls will tell me all of the time how they are sure I am a confident, take charge kind of guy. I just laugh. That is so NOT me!

If you are anything like me you don’t have to be alone tonight. There are plenty of webcam models with big tits available to help you with some urethral milking. I have come to find that live sex cams are a perfect way to be with somebody normally way out of your league, all the while feeling as comfortable as if you were listening to music or playing a video game.

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