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One of my favorite scenes in the movie Contact occurs when Jodie Foster‘s character is talking to billionaire industrialist S.R. Hadden after a religious nut blows up the machine they have built using alien technology. In the scene Jodie’s character is devastated and Hadden cheers her up with, "Why built one when you can have two for twice the price?"

Why am I bringing all of this up? No, it isn’t just so I can link to Jodie Foster at Mr Skin. Besides, she doesn’t even have big tits! It is to bring up a point… Why have just one porn star with juggs the size of ripe melons when you can have an entire network of them for the price of one?

When you join either Ashlynn Brooke or Yurizan Beltran you get an entire network with your membership. The only bummer is that they aren’t in the same network! So oops… I guess you will just have to get a dozen porn star babes with huge juggs for twice the price!

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