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One look at Dors Feline and suddenly you are thirsty for milk? Hey, don’t worry about it. Nobody is calling you out here. After all, we are all pervs on the inside, it’s just some of us hide it and some of us don’t. Obviously I don’t need to hide it. In fact, I’d much rather flaunt it and so would Dors Feline!

It doesn’t take a psychologist to take one look at Dors and instantly realize that she likes to walk on the wild side. She is one girl in which you can definitely say that she is more than a handful!

Dors Feline has been racking up a large archive of her titties and tons more from her friends. Speaking of her friends, you get more big tits babes like Emilys Dream with your membership!

All these tits and one low price!

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  1. soooo HOT…love the tattoos…love chubby girls…

    Comment by Seymore — July 26, 2010 @ 10:56 am

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