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One of my friends got a boob-job. The main reason was because she felt that her breasts were too small. I thought her tits were fine but she told me that she’d actually been hiding the fact that one boob was bigger than the other, so she would buy a bra to fit the larger boob and stuff the other side. Getting some man-made ta-tas corrected that issue for her. It just goes to show how much we really know about other people, especially females and their lady lumps.

Most of us are having sex so the level of self-consciousness is probably high for those females getting busy and hoping their boobs are desirable. Just imagine the pressure for performers however, and those busty escorts that have to maintain a certain image. I found some interesting escort tips for big boob lovers and a small debate as to whether natural tits or fake ones are better. Personally, I lean a little more towards natural tits, but it doesn’t matter much to me. If a lady feels better about herself after having some work done, like my friend, that’s what will really heat things up in the bedroom, right?

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