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They have a term for this sort of thing. They being the big boys… You know the big boys, they are the ones that prefer driving big things. They usually go by oxymoronic names like Tiny or Jr. They work as longshoremen, truck drivers, air cargo pilots… They don’t take shit from nobody!

Where was I? Oh, yeah… They call that being packed and stacked!

Try as you might, you aren’t going to find another spot on this bitch to put even one more ounce of flesh. God created this statue, knew it was good and broke the fucking mold!

So where do you find babes that are this fun filled and ripe for the picking? At Public Flash of course! Not only is the site filled with juicy hotties like the one above, they also have them flashing their hotness in public!

OK, so some of the photo sets and videos don’t feature huge juggs like those above, you have to admit, there are plenty enough reasons to overlook that shortcoming! I mean, come on, check out this big juggs hottie getting naked at a public beach! Or this bitch, not only does she have a rack, she has a thunder butt-of-pleasure!

Shit, even the soccer mom juggs are smoking hot!


  1. Hey – I have large knockers on a small frame, & I take issue with your claim about air cargo pilots “taking shit from nobody.” Longshoreman can fuck you up easy, even truck drivers who’ve had too much speed and too little exercise are not to be messed with, but air cargo pilots are such stupid, lazy fuckpigs that the only things that could prevent me from doing whatever physical damage I wanted to them are police presence and a modicum of civility. Even the ones that are proud of “working out” have only managed to somehow build like an inch of muscle over a lumpy foundation of solid fat and bullshit.

    Really, of all the guys who come into the clubs, these are the biggest scum & the worst cheapskates, and thus the easiest to trick into thinking they’re gonna get a bargain.

    So in conclusion I recommend that you remove the reference to air cargo or freight pilots as being anything other than lumpy hypersexual children who somehow managed to get a job that allows them to fly all over the world to do what they could simply by moving to Vegas or Delaware and working as a mop mope at a peep show. If I can roll the stupid bastards at 5’4″, 110 lbs, with 32 DD juggs, so could anyone confined to an iron lung. Seriously, it’s not like they even “let” me win — they fight back hard, they’re just weak and not good at physical confrontation at all.

    Anyway, nice blog about big boobs, but that one part should be modified to reflect reality.

    Comment by toodles — February 28, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

  2. After reading your comment we realized that we were indeed in error and have struckthrough their reference.

    Comment by Rhino — February 28, 2011 @ 8:48 pm

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