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Mirelle A Metart Bettie Page

Looking at this Mirelle A Metart photo I am reminded that girls like Mirelle A would not have their job in porn without Bettie Page paving the way. When you think about it there are a lot of artists out there that owe their livelihood and iconic look to Page. Pop stats like Katy Petty and Madonna have included hints, or downright knockoffs, of Page’s unique look, or style, into their persona. She did more for women’s lib then most feminist activists did.

You will find many ties to Bettie and her open mind in porn these days. She made bondage a cool genre. She made standing out in a crowd the popular thing to do. Her photos have created fashion trends. Open the index page at Zemani Models and you can’t help but see her influences peppered throughout the site.

So enjoy the big juggs and the Bettie Page style in today’s post. Then bookmark for plenty more tomorrow.

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