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OK there, seniors, listen up… No, not the 55 years old crowd, I am talking to those that wish to graduate from the Jugg Meisters class of 2009. Graduation is just around the corner and it is time for your final test.

Up until now we have been testing your faith and devotion to juggs with D-Cups, Double D-Cups and not much more than that. We had to bring you up to this point slowly because you have to learn to walk before you can run.

You cannot have a set of all-natural Triple-FFF juggs on a nineteen inch waist. It just isn’t going to work. If you want to get past the Double D’s you have to start with a good foundation. This foundation serves two purposes actually….

One, a large foundation supports tits the size of watermelons. Not those seedless ones you find in posh grocery stores now, we are talking about watermelons topping 40 to 50 pounds each!

Two, having a large foundation means a babe like Sofia above from can pop out eight kids…. in one litter… Wha? Yeah, a set of eight twins and no fertility drugs needed. Sofia is packing enough foundation to mother your own football team!

Jugg Master is the only site I have come across yet with a large assortment of naturally stacked babes with full figures. Rubenesque figures that are going to get you a passing grade on your Juggs final!

The cup sizes on the models page at Jugg Master sport enough letters to adequately spell all eight of your babies names. You will not find a big juggs site  more dedicated to bringing you high quality models at a low price.

How low?

The guy that runs this web site has a juggs fetish like nobody else’s business. He started his site without the intent of becoming rich, he did it because he didn’t think any other site could do big juggs as well as he could do them. For this he earned the title Jugg Master!

Because he isn’t bent on driving a Ferrari you get weekly updates of hot babes with huge juggs for only $13.95 for 30 days and if you become a recurring member that price drops to $9.95! How the Jugg Master stays in business with rates this low I dunno. He assures me that he has the largest fan base of any juggs site out there and, folks, I have to believe him!

So grab your notebook and hit the members area tonight. Extra credit is being given to those that know a good deal when they see one and take the $9.95 recurring option.

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